Every good thing must come to an end.

Instagram decided to kill the API that Hyperlax depends on. As a result, the site no longer works.

But you can still watch a Youtube video of the experience here: Part 1 & Part 2.

Also, you can read about Hyperlax in Gizmodo, Fast Company, Travel + Leisure, and PSFK.

Appreciate all the support for this project, thank you for tuning in. Until next time!

A real-time feed of Instagram's latest #hyperlapse videos.


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Hyperlax is best when watched with relaxing and chill music in the background. Choose from the playlists below, courtesy of Soundcloud.

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Do you see those Instagram #hyperlapse videos on the left? They were just posted to Instagram; it's a real-time feed. Enjoy a peek into the lives of others, from locations around the world. Hyperlax is meant to be a bit of an escape, a bit voyeuristic, a bit relaxing. I think it's mesmerizing. Maybe you will too!

Hyperlax was created as a way for me (@taykcrane) to begin learning how to code. It was inspired by Hypermasher, a site with an almost identical concept, built by Andrew Baker (@andrewtorkbaker). I was drawn to Hypermasher, but felt like there were a few things I could do to make it better. And thus, Hyperlax was born!

If you've read this far, I'd honestly love your feedback. Positive/negative/neutral, feature requests/bug fixes, massive donations/angry rants can all be sent to . I don't know if anyone is going to like this thing, so if you do, seriously let me know.

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Looks like you're using a browser or a device that doesn't work well with Hyperlax. The site will only work on desktop/laptops (no mobile or tablet devices), and must be one of the below browsers. This is primarily due to the continuous video playback. But trust me, it's worth it!

Think you're seeing this message in error? Please let me know at taylorkcrane@gmail.com